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We perform materials analysis, process , flow analysis and equipment sizing. Our process engineers develop accurate technical specifications and datasheets, along with a full assistance to the purchase of materials and of equipments.
SGIG provides customers with manuals, handbooks and on-site training in order to guarantee a successful achievement of the project targets.

  • Feasibility studies

  • PFD / materials analysis
  • P&ID
  • Hydraulic/thermodynamic sizing and process simulation
  • Calculations for equipment sizing and piping
  • Data sheet and technical specification
  • Technical bids
  • Economical bids
  • Purchase assistance and technical evaluations
  • Manuals & handbooks
  • Technical on-site training


From the early project’s planning stage, experience and simulators are used in order to perform material analysis, process and flow analysis and equipment sizing. SW employed: Aspen HYSYS, HTFS, Pipenet, Pipeflow Olga, Autodesk Inventor, ESAIN
  • Feasibility study
  • PFD/material analysis
  • P&ID
  • Hydraulic/Thermodynamic sizing and process simulation
  • Calculation for equipment sizing and piping
  • Data sheet and technical specifications


Fully detailed piping engineering, 3D modeling, plot plans, piping lay-out , isometric and support drawings. Every critical issue covered with dedicated stress analysis in compliance with current regulation and International Codes and Standard.

SW employed: AutoCAD Plant 3D, Pipepack, CaesarII, PIpenet, Rhinoceros 3D

  • Piping and support

  • Stress analysis
  • 3D piping modeling and rendering
  • SKID design
  • Plot plan and lay-out
  • Sketches
  • Bill of material, lines, support
  • Thermohydraulic calculations
  • Ventilation and HVAC
  • Fireproof design


We design steel structures for the erection of any type of industrial plant, from one line feasibility frames up to structural calculation and architectural details.

SW employed: AutoCAD Structural detailing, Prosap, Sargon, CSE, Rhinoceros 3D.                     

  • Tank and slot design

  • 3D tank modeling
  • One-line structure drawing
  • 3D structures modeling and rendering
  • Structure calculation
  • Erection lay-out structure drawings
  • Equipment data sheets
  • MTO


SGIG realizes packages according to customer requirements. Stress analysis model and structural calculation, detailed piping lay-out, isometric drawings for construction.

General arrangement drawings and lifting schemes are issued accordingly up to mechanical completion and erection activities.

SW employed: AutoCAD Plant3D, AutoCAD Structural detailing, Prosap, Sargon, CaesarII, Pipenet, etc

  • Skid and equipment design

  • 3D skid modeling, GA and rendering
  • Skid structure
  • 3d structure modeling
  • Structure calculation
  • Structures constructive lay-out
  • Equipment and accessories data sheet
  • MTO


Development of electrical engineering, one-line diagram design , electrical cables’ layout, hook-up for the installation of electrical utilities, cable list, datasheet up to MTO’s issue and wiring diagrams for the construction of the electrical panels.

jectSW, ABB, Sw Siemens

SW employed: AutoCAD Electrical, ELPLEK, Iproject Sw ABB.

  • Network analysis

  • Protections’ coordination & cables
  • Data sheeta and technical specification
  • Electric substations HT/MT design
  • Electrical lay-out
  • Classification of dangerous zones ATEX
  • SIL analysis
  • LPS
  • Technical bids
  • Economical bids

Instrumental and automation

IN accordance with P&ID statements and other detailed information, we select and design proper instrumentation in order to get the required monitoring features of field equipment

Datasheets of instruments, loop diagrams, logic diagrams and any other tool required for a complete control of the process.

Hookup (process, electrical, pneumatic), plant’s tool and PLC/DCS’s schemes are developed in order to configure the automation framework level

SW employed: AutoCAD Electrica, Instruplus, Atex Gas

  • P&ID

  • Data sheets and technical specification
  • Control systems for chemical plant DCS- SCADA
  • AND/OR schemes
  • Process, pneumatic, electrical connections
  • Instrumentation lay-out
  • Technical bid


We take care of the design of the entire area of an industrial plant.

Particular attention is paid to soil type, optimization of space, study of safety and passages for working staff, vehicles and process tools. Buildings are designed according to proper use due to plant’s and installation requirements, leading to the design of best solutions in compliance with climate conditions. If tank’s dike walls are required, engineers will develop the most suitable solutions based on site’s characteristics in order to grant the customer’s satisfaction and expectations. SW employed: Architectural, Structural detailing, Rhinoceros 3D

Architectural lay-out for:

  • Directional and service building

  • Industry building and structures
  • Metallic structures lay-out and calculation
  • Concrete panels and structures with calculation
  • Furnishing and accessories
  • Technological systems
  • Soil bearing reports


SW employed: DNV SW PHAST (E.U. and INERIS approved)
  • Data and telephone network
  • CCTV design
  • Packaging systems
  • Fireproof design
  • Fire fighting network analysis and calculation (according to API, NFPA, ISO.. and local regulations)
  • Top event analysis
  • Testing of supplies
  • Paging design
  • Cathodic protection system for pipeline and tank
  • Welding test and NDT

Società Generale Impianti Gas Spa

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