Società Generale Impianti Gas

Via Fontana,18 – 20122 Milano (MI)
+39  0524  894111 

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Forecourts – Gasoline and Diesel

SGIG manufactures diesel and petrol stations, applying the latest technologies available on the market in order to provide maximum operating efficiency minimizing the impact on the environment. Double wall pipe systems, electronic systems for tanks and fuel level remote control are standard technical solutions applied on our stations.
SGIG provides training and regular updates to staff in accordance with the latest applicable safety and technical standards.
SGIG provides high level supervision systems specifically designed for forecourts, being an extremely useful tool for owners which are interested to keep under control all operational parameters on equipment but also want to monitor prices and sales, to plan product drops, to manage all technical services (tickets for service and repair request, technical documentation, planned maintenance, etc).

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Società Generale Impianti Gas Spa

Registered Office: Via Fontana,18 – 20122 Milano
Operative Office: Via San Faustino 28 – 43036 Fidenza (PR)

Capitale Sociale/Share capital € 5.000.000,00 i.v.
P.iva/VAT Number: 01274370152

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