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LPG double decaliter

LPG double decaliter


The double decaliter ( “bombola metrica”) is a master volumetric capacity intended for the metrological verification of volumetric meters installed on LPG dispensers.
The amount of the delivered gas shown on the dispenser is compared with the level achieved in the double decaliter: several test are to be executed in order to reduce the errors due to the muiltiple variable affecting the measure of a volume of gas.

The LPG station must be equipped with a dedicated connection for the double decaliter in order to be able to operate safely.
SGIG has been appointed by Parma Chamber of Commerce (determination N.149 del 26 luglio 2001) as metrical manufacturer, being allowed to build and maintain special double decaliters.


  • Max operating pressure (PS): 22,5bar;
  • Test pressure(PT): 32,5bar;
  • Operating temperature (TS min/max): -10°/+50°C;
  • Liquid: LPG (mix Propano-Butano) o DME;
  • PED cathegory: III^ category;
  • Dimensions: 425mmx425mmxH1150mm.


The “double decaliter”is protected against corrosion through a first layer of epoxy primer 50μm and a second layer of 50μm poliurethane finishing.
SA 2’’ ½ sand blasting on request


  • N.1 LPG TANK, 25litres, bodies and ends in Fe410 carbon steel;
  • N.1 Pressure gauge 0-25bar class ≤ 1,6;
  • N.1 3 way valve for pressure gauge, in carbon steel A105;
  • N.1 Termometer (-30°/+50°C) o (-30°/+70°C) class ≤ 1,6;
  • N.1 Connection for LPG autogas nozzle in carbon steel A105;
  • N.1 Sight glass, in A105 carbon steel and tempered glass;
  • N.1 AISI 304 stainless steel purge valve;
  • N.1 Autogas nozzle (optional);
  • N.1 LPG compressor (220V or 380V) (optional);
  • Flex hoses (optional).


  • DM 24/03/1988 n° 341309
  • DM 27/12/1990 n° 344700
  • DM 08/07/1999 n° 1327079
  • Directive machinery 2021/0105/COD
  • EMC 2014/30/UE
  • PED 2014/68/UE
  • ATEX 2014/34/UE


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